Eldon Todd Cluff Dec. 30, 1968 – May 14, 2024


Eldon “Todd” Cluff was born in San Gabriel, California, just eastward from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. He passed away at his home in Evanston, following a session of acute stomach problems. Todd suffered many health issues, being a type 1 diabetic since age 7.

Todd was born to his adoptive parents W. Eldon Cluff and Shirley N. Cluff of Evanston and has an adoptive brother, Tyeson R. Cluff (deceased).

Having graduated from Davis Middle School and Evanston High School, Todd’s crowning event was his high placement in state debate, earning him a college scholarship.

He was also very proud of being an Eagle Scout. He was always well prepared for every trip with his folks!

Todd is survived by three children and six grandchildren, all living in Alabama. Of his original California family, he is survived by “Aunt B,” whom he loved dearly; and two sisters.

At the time of Todd’s birth, the dreaded Hong Kong flu struck all members of the family. Baby Todd was passed around to the family member who was least affected at the time. Thus, he had an early bonding with parents, grandparents and aunts.

Over the years, since, then, his favorite thing to do has been to enjoy his birthday with bonded family members over steak dinner at the Bon Rico restaurant in Evanston.

As parents, one of our choice experiences with Todd was, at age 19, he drove us back to his birthplace in San Gabriel. The original birth hospital has now replaced by a new one. During the trip, it was remarkable how well Todd was able to maneuver through the Los Angeles area traffic going and coming.

We honor Todd’s request that, upon his death, there would be no formal viewing or funeral. We will have a brief dedicatory at graveside, where he will be buried next to his brother and grandparents in the West Jordan (Utah) Cemetery. This will take place at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 25.

Following the burial, friends and family are invited to enjoy dinner at the Red Lobster restaurant on 64th South, near the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah.