Paul Evan Anderson


Paul Evan Anderson was born in New York City on March 8, 1934. Paul died at home, in Evanston, on Sunday, April 23.

All he ever wanted to be was a soldier. He finished high school at 17, and his parents signed him in to the Marines. At 18, he was in Korea, where he was severely wounded. He was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

After leaving the military, he returned to Japan, lived in a kodokan in Tokyo for a year and has a third-degree black belt in Judo. He was the first American to compete on a Japanese team.

While in the military, he earned a bachelor’s degree in business, but his heart was in medicine and he became a certified surgical assistant. He was an employee of the year when he worked at Salt Lake Regional Hospital and, in 2005, he was Outstanding Older Worker Utah.

Paul worked for Dr. Michael Adams as a medical assistant here in Evanston. He gave his best to whatever he did. He was fearless.

He is survived by his wife, Teresa Odell; daughter, Sheryl Anne Dixon and her family in Michigan; daughter, Tracy Hoptroff and her family in England; daughter-in-law, Kim Cuevas and her family in Nevada; and so many beloved friends.

He was preceded in death by stepson, Daniel; and step-grandson, Kyle.

Paul was deeply loved and will be missed. Another good human being lost to the ravages of dementia. No services.

“Just one more hill, Marine.”