Murdoch’s queen of customer service, Tanesha Chandler

Bradie Jill Jones, Herald Reporter
Posted 3/15/18

Celebrating Disabilities Awareness Week

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Murdoch’s queen of customer service, Tanesha Chandler


EVANSTON — For nearly six months now Evanston’s Murdoch’s store has been lucky enough to employ Tanesha Michelle Chandler. Tanesha began working at the western store in September of 2017, and if you ask her, she’ll tell you that she has loved every minute of it. 

“My brother, Jonathan, helped me do everything online — my application online,” she said of the pathway that led her to the retail store. Tanesha’s mom, Elaine Chandler, said working at Murdoch’s is perfect for Tanesha because “she likes being out in the crowd and is very friendly.”

Tanesha does a lot at the ranch and home supply store, including greeting customers and filing paperwork. Not too long ago, she saw a familiar face walk through Murdoch’s doors, her old bus driver, Michael. A people person at heart, Tanesha also enjoys spending time with her coworkers including Joe Craft, Marny Huffaker and Christy King, just to name a few of her favorites.  

This customer service queen is 27 years young. Of her birthday, Aug. 7, 1990, she said with a giggle, “It’s a good date — my mom picked it.”

Soon the themes from “Titanic” and “Phantom of the Opera” will be drifting out of Tanesha’s bedroom window as she has been saving all of her paychecks for her very own keyboard. She was taught to tickle the ivories by her piano teacher Jessica Sibbert. 

Adding to a long list of talents, Tanesha also sings, goes bowling, and she is currently preparing to compete in the Special Olympics as part of the local basketball team.

If you don’t already have a million reasons to love Tanesha, hear what her manager at Murdoch’s, Marny Huffaker, had to say about her.

“She makes everyone feel wanted and you enjoy life more when you’re around her,” Huffaker said. “Customers are drawn to her.”

Tanesha is the middle child; she has a younger brother and an older sister. When asked if she gets along with both of them, the answer was a resounding, “I do.”

It seems that those two individuals aren’t the only ones she gets along with. Her manager, Huffaker continued by saying, “She is very positive, outgoing and full of life. She is a joy to be around. She is an amazing lady.”

Tanesha takes every chance she gets to ride the white roller coaster at Lagoon in Farmington, Utah. She said that the fact that it feels like it might fall to pieces is the fun part about it. 

If you’re lucky enough to encounter Tanesha the next time you’re at Murdoch’s, be sure to ask her about the Poison concert she and her parents are going to in May. It’s sure to make her smile, and it’s a smile not to be missed.