Ivy Cox Peart


Ivy Cox Peart was born March 18, 1930, in Woodruff, Utah. She was the youngest of nine children in the Maud and Leonard Cox family. Her father, Leonard, died in 1933 when Ivy was only 3 years old.  Times were tough, and Mom was raised by a loving mother in a small log home in Woodruff.  She was always proud to be from Woodruff.

Ivy attended school at South Rich and graduated in 1948. In her later years, she claimed that every day was a class reunion because she was the only one still alive from her graduating class.

Ivy dated Roger Peart through high school and danced with him and lots of other boys. Mom loved to dance and said she always saved the last dance for Dad. Ivy and Roger were excellent dancers and enjoyed going to many dances throughout their lives. They danced across the floor like their feet were light as feathers.

Ivy and Roger were married on Sept. 19, 1949, in the Salt Lake Temple. They made their home in Randolph, Utah, and were blessed with eight children: RaNae, Roger Allen, Blair, Patricia, Dan, Vera, Janet and George. Roger Allen and Janet both were born premature and only lived a few days each.

Ivy and Roger spent their lives owning and running the Peart Ranch, a cattle and sheep operation.  Ivy cooked many meals for hay crews and hired hands. She could whip up a meal out of practically nothing and everyone loved her cooking. Ivy also worked right along with everyone else haying, docking, shearing and branding. Ivy was never afraid of work or of getting dirty.

Ivy was a dedicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She served in many ways, her favorite being a nursery leader and also serving missions in Australia, San Diego and the Joseph Smith Memorial Center, all with Roger at her side.

Ivy also delivered lots of homemade bread and cinnamon rolls to many people throughout the communities. She especially made sure that the bachelors and widowers were taken care of.

Ivy was a “classy” lady. She knew how to dress up for any occasion. She also wasn’t afraid to wear old clothes and wear them out! Just because the zipper didn’t work didn’t mean you couldn’t use a safety pin. 

Ivy’s best friend, soul mate and eternal companion, Roger, passed away suddenly in 2010. For the next 13 years, she looked forward to being with him again. During those 13 years, she carried on with grace and dignity. She dreamed of the day they would be back together, while at the same time never giving up on living life. 

Ivy is a grandmother to 34 grandchildren. She is a great-grandmother to 108 great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Roger; her two children, Roger Allen and Janet; and all of her siblings. Ivy passed away peacefully at the Elk Meadows Assisted Living Center in Oakley, Utah, on Friday, July 7.

The family would like to thank all those who helped Mom through her final years — Homecare Hospice and all those who assisted her in so many ways; visits, notes and phone calls all made her so happy. Thank you!

Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. on Saturday, July 22, at the Randolph LDS chapel. A viewing will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday. There will also be a viewing on Friday evening from 6-8, at the Randolph LDS building. Ivy will be buried at the Randolph Cemetery.