Brittany Leigh Mathson Dec. 28, 1975 – April 20, 2024


Our beautiful daughter, Brittany Leigh Mathson, went to heaven on Saturday, April 20, while surrounded by her loving parents and friends.

Danny and Betty Slagowski Mathson welcomed her to the world on Dec. 28, 1975. From the beginning, it was clear that her path would be unique. Despite the challenges posed by her special needs, Brittany faced life with a determination and a zest that was truly inspiring.

Her smile, so full of pure joy and warmth, had the power to light up a room and lift the spirits of everyone she encountered. 

One of the most beautiful aspects of Brittany’s life was her ability to see the world in a different, often more beautiful light. She had a way of noticing the small things that many of us overlook — the beauty of a flower, the joy of a song, or the comfort of a familiar routine.

Through her eyes, we learned to appreciate the world anew, to value simplicity, and to find happiness in the everyday.

Brittany’s journey was not without its challenges. But through each obstacle, she showed us what true resilience looks like. She approached every day with bravery and strength despite her vulnerabilities.

The challenges that Brittany faced only seemed to amplify the love and the strength of character that she possessed.

Brittany’s involvement in her school programs and activities was a source of great joy and pride for her. These experiences were not just about participation; they were opportunities for her to engage with the world, to learn and to grow.

The impact she had on those she met through these programs was profound, leaving a lasting impression on teachers, peers and volunteers.

One such experience was when Brittany was named Honorary Cowboy Days Queen in 2019. This experience allowed her to share her special gifts at one of her favorite community events.

Brittany was very social and was always ready to spread happiness and warmth wherever she went, be it the rodeo grounds or bingo game. Her infectious smile and friendly wave made everyone’s day a little brighter.

Brittany had many wonderful friends, teachers and caregivers with whom she shared happy memories.

Brittany was preceded in death by her brother, Ryan; her grandparents, Gene and Edna Slagowski; grandpa, Jack Mathson; and uncle, Jackie Mathson.

She is survived by her parents, Danny and Betty; grandma, Joan Mathson; and her many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Funeral services were conducted on Saturday, April 27, with interment in the Evanston City Cemetery.