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Union Wireless is proposing to modify an existing wireless telecommunications facility on an existing self supporting lattice tower located at 2945 North Highway 414, Urie, Uinta County, WY. The modifications will consist of the collocation of antennas not to exceed a top height of 67ft above ground level on the existing 62ft tower. Any interested party wishing to submit comments regarding the potential effects the proposed facility may have on any historic property may do so by sending such comments to: Project 6122004603- SA EBI Consulting, 6876 Susquehanna Trail South, York, PA 17403, or at (757) 354-7566.

PUBLISHED: June 3, 2022       06031


The applications below were filed with the Division of Water Rights in Rich County, Utah. These are informal proceedings per Rule 655-6-2. Protests concerning an application must be legibly written or typed, contain the name and mailing address of the protesting party, STATE THE APPLICATION NUMBER PROTESTED, CITE REASONS FOR THE PROTEST, and REQUEST A HEARING, if desired. Also, A $15 FEE MUST BE INCLUDED FOR EACH APPLICATION PROTESTED. Protests must be filed with the Division of Water Rights on or before Jun. 23, 2022 either electronically using the Division`s on-line Protest of Application form, by hand delivery to a Division office, or by mail at PO Box 146300, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6300. Please visit waterrights.utah.gov or call (801)538-7240 for additional information.


23-4025 (A83299): Heather Jackson propose(s) using 1.48 ac-ft. from groundwater (Sage Creek Jct.) for DOMESTIC; IRRIGATION; STOCKWATERING.

Teresa Wilhelmsen, P.E.

State Engineer

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In the Matter of The Estate of            )   Probate No. 22-26


Deceased.       )



You are hereby notified that on the 11 th day of May, 2022, the Last Will and Testament of RONALD D. DENNIS was admitted to probate by the above-named Court, and that SPRING E. SPELLMAN, was appointed Personal Representative thereof. Any action to set aside the Will shall be filed in the Court within three months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred.

Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said decedent or to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to Long Reimer Winegar LLP, 724 Front Street, Suite 200, Evanston, Wyoming, 82930.

Creditors having claims against said decedent or the estate are required to file them in duplicate with the necessary vouchers, in the office of the Clerk of said Court, on or before three months after the date of the first publication of this notice, and if such claims are not so filed, unless otherwise allowed or paid, they will be forever barred.



PUBLISHED: May 20 and 27, June 3, 2022     05201.


Pursuant to the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act and the Wyoming Public Service Commission’s (Commission) Procedural Rules and Special Regulations, notice is hereby given of the Application of Dominion Energy (Dominion of the Company) for approval of the Alkali Gulch Acquisition as a Wexpro II property, as more fully described below.

Dominion is a public utility as defined by Wyo. Stat.§ 37-1-101(a)(vi)(D), and subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 37-2-112.

On April 14, 2022, Dominion filed its Application requesting an order approving the inclusion of the recently acquired properties located within the Alkali Gulch field (the Alkali Gulch Acquisition) as Wexpro II properties pursuant to the Wexpro II Agreement. The Commission approved the Wexpro II Agreement in Docket No. 30010-123-GA- l 2. The Alkali Gulch Acquisition is partially within and partially outside the existing Wexpro I Development Drilling Area D. The Company seeks authority to include the relevant portions of the Alkali Gulch Acquisition within the Wexpro II Agreement and voluntarily offers the remaining portions for inclusion as a Wexpro II property.

Dominion purchased the Alkali Gulch Acquisition at its own risk and is selling production from these wells on the open market pending the outcome of a decision by the Commission deciding whether this acquisition should be included as a Wexpro II property under the agreement. If the properties are approved as Wexpro II properties, then the acquisition costs will be adjusted for the value of gas sold from the time Wexpro closed on the property until the Commission’s approval of inclusion of the property. The Company contends that approval of the Alkali Gulch Acquisition as a Wexpro II property will provide an opportunity for customers to receive low cost gas for many years. Additionally, the Company states that Wexpro will continue to manage its current production and future drilling programs at or below the 5-Year Forward Curve and to manage combined cost-of-service production from Wexpro I and Wexpro II properties to Questar Gas at or below the thresholds established in the Canyon Creek Acquisition in Commission Docket No. 30010-145-GA-15.

This is not a complete description of the Application. Any interested person may inspect the Application at the Commission’s offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming or at the Company’s business office in Rock Springs, Wyoming during regular business  hours or at https://dms.wyo.gov/external/publicusers.aspx (enter Record No. 17036).

Anyone desiring to file an intervention petition, request for a public hearing, or a statement, public comment or protest in this matter must file, in writing, with the Commission on or before June 3, 2022. A proposed intervention or request for hearing must set forth the grounds, the position and interest of the petitioner.

If you wish to intervene in this matter or request a public hearing that you will attend, or want to make a statement, protest or public comment, and you require reasonable accommodation for a disability, please contact the Wyoming Public Service Commission at (307) 777-7427 or write to the Commission at 2515 Warren Avenue, Suite 300, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002, to make arrangements. Communications impaired persons may also contact the Commission by accessing Wyoming Relay by dialing 711. Please mention Docket No. 30010-204-GA-22 in your communications.

Dated: May 20, 2022.

PUBLISHED: May 27, June 3, 2022     05242