Serendipty is the fulfillment of a life-long dream for both Kayne and Candi.

From childhood, when Kayne moved to a new town, the first place her mother took her was the community library. Her mother, Marie, instilled a lifelong love of books and learning in all her children, and Kayne has passed that on to her own children. “I have dreamed of owning my own bookstore for years. As a college professor, I never tired of reading a variety of genre and exploring new ideas and theories. I also have had a lifelong love of antiques and history so finally, now, all of those things I hold dear have come together in our business, Serendipity. It is also a joy to be bale to work in partnership with my daughter, Candi.”

One of Candi’s favorite things to do is to help children lear to love to read. While working on a Library Science and Media degree, the opportunity to start Serendipity appeared. “I have always wanted a coffee shop / bookstore and jumped at the opportunity to start a business with my mother.” With Candi’s background in accounting and business management, Kayne’s awesome decorating skills and both of their love of reading, Serendipity was a perfect fit. “My children, Aysha and Symonenjoy helping me pick out books to order and their input is invaluable! They keep me informed on what the other kids in school are reading and with what they want to read.”

Serendipity is in the process of remodeling the back room to put in a coffee shop. “I am anxiously awaiting the coffee shop. It should be open by Christmas, 2012, if all goes as planned and will be a great addition to our business.”

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